Solid Surface

The incomparable beauty originates in the unique performance of solid surfaces. The design of the edges, inlays and the combination of colors exhibit elegance and vitality. Credible environment friendly material effectively prevent pollution and avoid bringing harm to human and nature. Alticor answers the need for a fine, budget friendly product to shape your dreams when it comes to straight applications. Alticor- is manufactured in an advanced technology plant to maintain standards and quality.


Limitless is the word which defines the application areas of ALTICOR Solid Surface. Predominantly ALTICOR in Residential can be used as Counter Tops and Back Splash, Wash Basin - Square/Rectangular, Doorsills, Bath Shower Surrounds, Wall Claddings, Highlighter Walls, Inlays, Bed and Bed Sides, and many more.

In Commercial, ALTICOR can be used as Counters, Wall Cladding, Reception Table, Pantry Counters, Bathroom Counter Tops, Window/Door Sills, Pillar Claddings, Restaurant Table Tops, and many more.

Bathroom Countertops

Door / Window Sills

Shower Surrounds

Wall Cladding



Commercial Countertops

Reception Desks

Tables / Desks

And many more...

ALTICOR Solid Surface is made with a composition of PMMA+ MMA+ High Performance Polyester Resins, ATH, Poly Chips, Pigments, Binders, Additives etc.This gives Alticor a superior finish.


6mm thickness comes in width of 760mm by length 2500mm.
12mm thickness comes in width of 760mm by length 2500mm or 3100mm or 3700mm.
**Customized Length is possible subject to minimum order quantity.

NOTE: The information provided is designed to provide support in fabrication, installation and/or to ensure performance of Alticor solid surface. This information is intended for person or persons having knowledge of this technical area. None of the contents, including but not limited to the instructions, recommendations, and graphics, Technique, and guidelines should be understood as implying of legal, warranty or any types of liability by manufacturer and its affiliates/associates.

Care & Maintenance

Everyday Cleaning
Clean with damp cloth/sponge. When basic stains occur, clean with mild detergent or general all-purpose cleaning agent. Ensure periodically to use mild abrasive cleanser in round motion to maintain its uniform appearance and shine.
Chemical Damage
Avoid direct contact of Alticor with strong chemicals that can cause damage like oven cleaners, paint remover etc. If exposed, immediately rinse with water. Continuous contact with tough/harsh chemicals can cause damage to Alticor surfaces. Refer chemical resistance chart before installation.
Heat damage
Never/avoid placing hot items directly on the Alticor solid surface. Always use trivets or rubber mats/steel plates etc. to avoid direct contact of the hot substances with the solid surfaces.
Removals of stains/scratches
To remove mild stains, scratches, scrub the area in round motion with mild abrasive cleaner. Deep scratch, stains or other damages will require professional attention and get in touch with the local Alticor certified fabricator. Always use cutting board to avoid direct contact with the Alticor surfaces.
Durable: Alticor is a long lasting, hard wearing product.

Does not promote growth of fungi, mildew etc.: Alticor doesn’t promote growth of Fungi or bacteria and makes it a very hygienic product.

Seamless finish: Alticor is seamless in nature. The joints are inconspicuous in nature.

Meets international standards: Alticor is tested as per ASTM standards and meets international standards of quality.

Can be router cut to various designs: Alticor can be router cut to different shapes and designs.

Large colour palette: A large collection of colors gives designers the flexibility to select the required colors.

Colour can be developed on need basis for projects: Customized colors can be developed for projects with minimum order quantity.