100% Acrylic Solid Surface

Beauty of shape lies in sketching unlimited characteristics and imagination. Nature of colours lies in reflecting and enhancing exquisiteness, elegance and harmony. Dunes perfected by technology with large color pallets, can be crafted to different shapes, finishes in vibrant, subtle colors, inspiring unlimited imagination. Dunes is a premium offering known to deliver at par excellence quality.



Dunes can go into many applications like Furniture, Computer Tables, Cash Counter, Reception Desks, Column Cladding, Conference Tables, Signage, Elevator surroundings, Aesthetic moulds, Staircase walls, Hand railings, Logos, Wall cladding, Retail Running Counters, Counter Wash Basins and many more.


Dunes find its applications in Reception desks, Illuminating finishes, Bar counters, Bar tops, Restaurant table tops, Wall claddings, Furniture tops, Staircase Walls, Hand Railings, Vanity tops, Table Tops, Back Rests of cots, Check in counters, Counter Wash Basins, Kitchen tops, Shower Walls and the list goes on and on.


Dunes is used in wide variety of applications in residences namely, Kitchen Tops, Bathroom Counter Tops, Sinks, Bowls, Bath Tubs, Wall Cladding, Column Cladding, Show Cases, Wardrobe Doors, Illumination Hangings, Table Tops, TV Surrounds and many more.


Healthcare priority is to prevent infections and spread of infections. The surface used in these areas plays a critical role in creating a safer environment. Dunes meet the expectations of the highly demanding health care environment.

Dunes can be used in spaces like Reception Desks, Seating Area, Operation Rooms, Wall Cladding, Scrub Rooms, Shower Pans, Nurse Stations, Cafeteria, Food Courts and many more.


Dunes Acrylic UV solid surface can be used for exterior cladding. It is easy to maintain and gives very good aesthetics. Fixing system must be engineered with sufficient flexibility, tolerance and movement not allowing impact of atmospheric changes.

RESISTANCE against attack of termite, moisture hold, micro-organism growth

Dunes is produced from a high blend of Acrylic resins and natural minerals. Dunes is made up of MMA+PMMA (Methyl Methacrylate + Poly Methyl Methacrylate) plus high performance resins filled with Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH), pigments, matrix chips, cross linking agents, etc. This makes Dunes a superior product in terms of physical, chemical and thermo formable properties.
Size: 12mm - 3680 X 760 MM= 30.10 Sq. Ft. 6mm - 2490 X760 MM- 20.40 Sq. Ft. 4mm* - 2490 X760MM - 20.40 Sq. Ft WEIGHT: 12mm - Approximate 60 KGS depending on colors 6mm - Approximately 20 KGS depending on colors *Subject to minimum quantity & available against specific project requirement in selected colors.
  • Wipe with sponge or wet cloth.
  • For Basic stains use mild household detergent or general purpose cleaner.
  • Periodically go over with mild abrasive cleaner to maintain a uniform appearance.
  • To prevent heat damage, avoid placing hot pans, cookers etc. directly on the surface. Preferably use trivets with rubber feet.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemical like oven cleaners, paint removers etc. Refer chemical data sheet.
  • Avoid direct cutting on the solid surface base, use cutting boards.
  • For persistent stains & damages, consult professional to buff and polish it.
  • Always use dunes matching adhesive for seamless finish.
Most countertops have a matte finish. On this finish, rub the stain with an abrasive cleanser such as Ajax or Comet and a maroon or green Scotch-Brite pad with water. Always rub in a circular motion. Rinse and towel dry. Rubbing the entire surface occasionally will maintain the finish. Hand sand the cut or scratch using 220 grit paper, sanding in a circular motion. Follow by using a 320 or 400 grit paper, again in a circular motion, and rub the area with a maroon or green Scotch- Brite.
Use a non-abrasive cleanser with diluted bleach, rubbing with a white Scotch-Brite pad. Rinse and towel dry. A non-abrasive polish may be used to enhance the shine. Sand the area as described for a matte finish. Follow with a white rubbing compound such as Soft Scrub applied with a soft cloth and then rub the area with a white Scotch-Brite pad.
If the counter has a polished or high-gloss finish (not recommended for countertops or other high-use or high traffic areas) use a bleaching, non-abrasive cleanser applied with a sponge or use a white polishing compound rubbed with a soft cloth. Sand the area as described for a semi-gloss finish. Follow with 600 grit paper, always sand in a circular motion. Buff the area with a white polishing compound using a low-speed polisher equipped with a wool pad. If desired, a non-abrasive countertop polish may be applied. Note:White or maroon Scotch-Brite® pads are usually available at most hardware stores.
Always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber feet under heat producing appliances or hot pots and pans Never cut directly on the surface of the countertop. Always use a cutting board. Do not allow harsh chemicals such as acetone (nail polish remover), drain or oven cleaners or paint removers come into contact with the countertop. Wash these chemicals off with water immediately if they touch the surface. Avoid sliding hard objects across the countertop as this can cause scratches. Placing felt protectors on the bottom of these objects will greatly reduce the risk of scratching. Always run cool water into the sink simultaneously when using an instant hot water dispenser or pouring boiling water into a Dunes sink.
100% Acrylic Solid surface: Dunes is 100% Acrylic thermo formable solid surface. Some of the colors of Dunes are UV resistant & can be used in exteriors.

Wide Variety of Colors: With a large palette of colors, Dunes provides a wide variety of color options. Not limited by the palette, customized colors can be developed on need basis for projects.

Color Consistency & Design Flexibility: Dunes is Homogeneous product and can be routed, moulded, and carved to unlimited designs.

Durable, Repairable, Renewable: Dunes can be repaired and renewed to just installed look any time. Dunes comes with the best warranties in the business of 12 years.

Stain resistant & Easy to Clean: Dunes is resistant to any kind of stain and is very easy to clean.

Fire Retardant: Dunes is fire retardant and heat resistant material.

Impact resistant: Dunes has got great impact resistance.

Chemical Resistance: Disinfectants, Cosmetics, Edible acids, Alcohol & many other chemicals have no damaging effect on dunes.

Hygienic: Dunes is solid and non-porous, with no visible pores or voids to trap dirt.