Ecowood Diffusers

Wooden Acoustic Panels

Sound diffusion is the efficacy by which sound energy is spread evenly in a given environment. A perfectly diffused sound space is the one that has same key acoustic properties everywhere in the space. A diffused sound space would have considerably different reverberation time as the listener moves around the room. Acoustic diffusers not only aid sound diffusion, but also remove coloration and echoes. They are often used in music training rooms, recording rooms, churches, multi-functional rooms, theatres, concert halls etc.

  • Structure: Core Material, Surface & Back Surface
  • Material: Fire Rate MDF, Non Fire Rated MDF, Composite Panel, Solid Wood etc.
  • Front Finish: Natural Wood Veneer, Paint, Natural Wood etc.
  • Standard Thickness: 15mm
  • Standard Pattern: 1D QRD Diffuser, 2D QRD Diffuser, Triangular Diffuser, Conical Diffuser, Arc Diffuser etc.
  • Acoustic Principle: Sound Absorption/Noise Reduction
  • Colors: A wide range of standard colors, custom colors for surface.
  • Eco-Friendly: Class E1
  • Fireproofing: Class B1

1D Diffuser

Diffuser 101

Diffuser 6T


Diffuser 104

Diffuser 104

Diffuser DF-30


3D Pyramid diffuser

Diffuser 105

Diffuser J10

Diffuser 36

Diffuser 106

Difuser 6020