Ecowood Linear Groove Panels

Wooden Acoustic Panels

The Linear panel range is a linear grooved panel with variable groove thicknesses as per requirement. It is available in different thickness ranging from 12mm to 18 mm. It is constructed from MDF substrate. The panels are manufactured with tongue and groove edge jointing profiles which makes them easy to install and also gives a joint free appearance to the finished project.

  • Structure: Core Material, Surface & Back Surface
  • Surface Options: Fire Rated MDF, Non Fire Rated MDF, 5 Layer Composite Panel, & 3 Layer Composite Panel.
  • Rear Surface: Black Fleece
  • Dimension: 2440*128mm, 2440*192mm
  • NRC: Upto 0.90
  • Thickness: 12/15/18mm
  • Performance: Sound Absorption/Noise Reduction
  • Eco-Friendly: Class E1
  • Fireproofing: Class B1
  • Installation: Easy to be Installed by Wood Batten System or Lightweight Steel Keel System



Grooves 816

Grooves 168

Grooves 324