Wooden Acoustic Panels

For world-class sound absorption & reverberation control, Tranquil Ecowood Wooden panels offer the best solution. These panels are a wide range of perforated, grooved wooden wall & ceiling panels. These are available in a standard range of veneers and laminate surfaces. Their design is durable and offer invisible interlocking and concealed fixing systems to ensure a seamless fit.

  • Excellent Sound Absorption & Reverberation Control
  • Fire Rated & Low Formaldehyde
  • High Impact & Durable
  • Black Felt Backing.
  • Invisible Interlocking & Concealed Fixing System.
  • Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels: These are a series of longitudinal slats and grooves, with many patterns available for many environments.
  • Wooden Perforated Acoustic Panels: These are panels with holes on front and back sides, widely used for walls & ceilings.
  • Acoustic Diffusers: Acoustic diffusers not only aid sound diffusion but also remove coloration and echoes.
  • Pattern Wooden Acoustic Panels: hese are designer pattern acoustic panels with decorative surface patterns, and can be customized to client's design.
  • Wooden Decorative Panels: These are decorative wall panels with no sound absorption effect.